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Subject: Do you want to be a porn star? Part FourThe following story contains graphic sexual scenes involving adult males.
If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this
story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you
are not allowed to read this story by law.This story is fiction. If the characters in this story resemble anyone in
anyway, it is purely by coincidence.The author (Jeff Hunter) claims all copyrights to this story and no
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ImJeff0882aol.comDo you want to be a porn star? Part Four
I drove home with the windows open. The air was cool, as is typical in
Santa Barbara, but I was still sweating. When I arrived home, the first
thing I did was look for a place to hide my toys. I thought about the
crawl space to the Preteen Thong attic above our apartment, but with my luck, the owner
would need to fix something up there when Trevor and I were out and he’d
find them. I searched everywhere. Finally, I decided to put them in a
brown paper bag and then stuff them behind books that I had stored on the
top shelf of my closet. My books would be the last place Trevor would be
nosing through.I looked at the clock. It was 1:37pm. and about four hours before Trevor
would be coming home. I took the smallest dildo from the bag and then
stored the other two in my hiding place. I undressed, sat on my bed and
stared at this four-inches rubber penis that was a little thicker than one
of my fingers. I opened the jar of lube that Jimmy recommended. It looked
like white paste. I spread it all over the dildo. I lay down on the bed
and took a deep breath. I was surprised to feel my dick moving across my
crotch and become fully erect.I lay there and thought about Jimmy and how he told me to relax my
sphincter. I lifted my legs and moved my lubed finger toward my butt hole.
I stopped and put my legs down. This is fuckin’ stupid. What the fuck am
I doing? This is going to hurt like hell. I remembered Jimmy saying that
eventually I’d enjoy it. Fuck. I lifted my legs again. I ran my finger
around my hole and began stroking with the other hand. Fuck! Here goes
nothing. I slowly pressed my finger into my butt hole fully expecting a
surge of pain that was going to throw my across the room. Instead, my
finger just slid in. I stopped immediately and took a deep breath. First
knuckle. Not so bad. I kept jerking. I pushed further and then further
until there was no more finger left to push into myself. I lay there and
waited for I don’t know what to happen. Okay, he said to jerk and move it
around and then in and out. I began finger fucking myself and jerking.
Damn, this doesn’t feel half bad. I kept jerking and I played inside my
ass. Oddly, I felt a wave of anxiety as I noticed that I was trying to get
more of my finger into my butt. Fuck!I removed my finger from my hole and then sat up. My dick was oozing
pre-cum. I looked at the dildo sitting beside me and shook my head. Dude,
this is just wrong. I glanced down at my cock and it was so hard it was
pulsating along with the beat of my heart. I took another breath and lay
down. I took the dildo in my left hand, lifted my legs and began moving it
over my hole as I stroked my dick lightly. Here goes, I thought as I
pointed it at my hole and gently pushed. It, too, slide right in. Preteen Thong I began
moving it in and out of me, each time pushing it a little deeper, while I
continued to stroke my dick.My legs were in the air, my toes were curled, one hand held the dildo while
the other held my dick. The room was filled with the sound of my breathing
hard, when I hit some magical spot inside of me. “Oh fuck!” I heard myself
say out loud. I began pushing deeper and faster as I began stroking
harder. “Oh fuck!”Then, in my excitement, I pushed the dildo in as far as I could and lost my
grip on it. I felt an instant surge of anxiety hit me. I was sure it had
disappeared up my ass. I immediately broke out into a sweat as I thought
of myself going into the student health center asking to have something
removed from my ass. And almost immediately I bore down as if to take the
biggest shit ever. Immediately, the dildo came shooting out of my ass. I
sat up and almost began to cry.I went to the bathroom and showered. I dressed, gathered the dildos and
got into my car. I drove around for about ten minutes. I drove to the
grocery store, pulled up along side their dumpster and tossed the bag of
dildos in. Then, with great speed I headed back to campus. As I drove
around I thought about the other dildo with the balls attached. Fuck, I
guess that’s what they’re there for. I Preteen Thong kept driving around and found
myself back at the grocery store dumpster. No fuckin’ way you’re climbing
in there. Fuck, you are such a chicken shit little boy. I drove away
hating myself. If you’re going to take Trevor up your ass and not scream
and moan you’ve got to have to do this.I thought about trying to find another sex shop, but found myself back in
Goleta. I parked and stared at the entrance to the store. Fuck, he’s
really going to think I’m a real dork. Fuck! I got out of my car and
walked to Preteen Thong the door. I took a deep breath and pulled open the door and
walked in. I glanced around and saw someone other than Preteen Thong Jimmy. I was both
relieved and sad. As I walked up to the counter I heard Jimmy say, “Back
already?” I turned, saw him and sighed. “What’s up?” he asked. I glanced
over toward the guy I didn’t know Preteen Thong who was behind the counter and looking at
us. Jimmy looked at him and said, “That’s Sam the owner.” I nodded and
sighed and looked at Jimmy.Jimmy looked at me and said, “Sam, I’m going to take a break and use the
back room.”Sam nodded, smiled and said, “That was quick.”Jimmy laughed and led me through a maze of videos to a large room where
selves of videos and boxes of lube and condoms Preteen Thong were being stored. I notice
a desk and a sofa. Jimmy said, “So what happened?”"I feel so stupid,” I said as I shook my head.”Sit down,” he said as he sat down on the sofa. “What happened?”I explained what I did and watched him listen to me attentively. “I feel
so stupid,” I said.”That’s my fault. I should have remembered to say something about that.
Sorry.”I looked at him and said, “No, dude. It was just stupidity. I just don’t
think I can do this. It’s just too scary. Fuck, but I want to.”"So, are you giving up?” I shook my head. “Good.” He stood up and
grabbed something from one of the shelves and then from the desk. He sat
down again. He had another dildo that was sealed in plastic; like the one
with the balls attached that I threw away. He had a jar of lube. And, he
had a larger dildo that was not packaged which he got from a drawer in the
desk.He looked at me and said, “So,” as he handed me the smaller dildo, “you up
for a demonstration?” My heart was pounding. I thought about saying no,
but my dick was immediately hard. He smiled and said, “I won’t hurt you,”
and then smiled and added, “too much.”I glanced around the room. He said, “I’ll tell Sam we’re busy and I’ll
lock the door. He won’t bother us.”I took a deep breath and said, “Yeah, sure, why not.”He smiled, stood up and left the room. Minutes later he returned, locking
the door behind him. As he approached me he pulled his shirt over his
head. As he lifted his arms I noticed a large bulge in his pants. He
walked over to the sofa, kicked off his shoes and began to unbutton his
pants. He glanced at me and smiled. “You gonna join me?”I nodded, bent down and took off my shoes. I stood up beside him and
removed my shirt. He watched. I began to unzip my pants and noticed him
staring at my chest. Then he dropped his pants. He was naked. His dick
was hard and pointing upward. He stood and watched me undress as he placed
with his balls.I stepped out of my pants and neatly placed them over a chair. He smiled
at me. I laughed. I slowly lowered my brief, bending down to pull them
over my feet. When Preteen Thong I stood up, exposing my erection. I noticed him
staring at it.”You’re right,” he said. “We are about the same size. Do you mind if I
cop a feel?” he asked and smiled.”No, go ahead,” I said feeling my body tingle with excitement. He reached
over with both his hands and began to handle my dick and balls. Preteen Thong
I put my
hands on his shoulders to steady myself. His touch was soft and gentle.
My dick was rock hard. He stepped back and smiled. He took my hand and
moved toward his erection. I instantly took hold of his dick with one hand
and began playing with his balls with the other. As I did, he ran his
fingers up and down my chest.We touched each other for a while and then he asked, “You ready?” I
nodded. He unpacked the smaller dildo and put into on the desk. I watched
him standing there, his eight inch dick swinging as he moved. Every once
in a while, he’d glance at me Preteen Thong and smile. He opened the jar of lube. He
generously spread the white grease on each dildo and some on his butt hole.
I noticed him inserting his finger.He spread a towel across the sofa cushions, laid the large dildo down and
then sat down. “Grease up your hole,” he said. I did as he watched. I
sat down. The dildo sat between us. I felt excited and scared. I could
not believe that I was sitting across from a very attractive guy, naked,
hard and greased up. I wanted to touch him, jerk his dick, and make him
cum. I also wanted to run.He handed me his dildo and scooted down on the sofa. He looked at me and
smiled as he began stroking his dick. He took the hand that I was holding
the dildo in at the wrist and moved it toward him. I glanced down at his
butt hole. He was obviously shaved. He said, “Place it against my asshole
and very gently apply pressure.” I nodded. It wasn’t until then that I
became aware of how large this thing was. I did what he said and looked
into his eyes. “Press a little more. Let me get used to it.” I nodded.
My dick was again rock hard. I could feel him pushing back against the
dildo. I was mesmerized.”Keep pushing, but gently,” he said as he moaned. I did. I watched as he
opened up and the head of the dildo disappeared into his ass. “Oh yeah.
Fuck, yeah,” he groaned. He was breathing hard and stroking. He looked at
me and said, “You’ve got pre-cum dripping off your dick,” and smiled. I
glanced at my dick. He was right.”This is hot,” I said.He said, “Push it further in.” I did. “Keep going,” he said. I did.
“Nice. Now slowly start fucking me with it.” I did. He moaned and rolled
his eyes as he continued to pull on his pud. “Go a little deeper each
time. I’ve taken it all. Don’t worry, just go slowly.” I nodded. I
looked at the length of the dildo and was amazed. It had to be at least
nine or ten inches long. As I fucked him with the dildo, I pushed deeper
and deeper and he moaned and groaned louder and louder. “Yeah, Preteen Thong
like that.
Fuck, yeah, just like that.”I glanced down at my dick and saw that more pre-cum was dripping. I kept
thrusting the dildo into him watching him jerking himself off. I moved
closer and began to touch his ball sac. He moaned loudly, stared into my
eyes and nodded. I moved closer to him. He laid his one leg across my
lap, resting it against my hard-on and the other he rested on the back of
the sofa. I kept fucking him with the dildo and continued playing with his
balls. I began to feel the base of his erection when he took his hand off
his dick and just stared at me. My heart pounded as I took his greased
dick into my hand.”Oh yeah,” he moaned. I began stroking his dick, squeezing it as I moved
up and down the shaft of his dick. He then took hold of the dildo. I let
go. I watched as he began to fuck himself fast and hard, making long
strokes and deep thrusts. I continued stroking his Preteen Thong dick and watching what
he was doing. I could feel his dickhead hardening in my hand. He began
thrusting upward and shaking all over. I moved so as to get a better angle
and then stroked him hard. “Fuck, yeah, I’m gonna cum. Oh fuckin’ shit,”
he grunted and kept thrusting the dildo into himself. His body tensed
shook and then a shot of cum launched from his dick. It went clear over
his head. He kept thrusting upward as I jerked him. Another shot of cum
flew three feet into the air and can to land on his shoulder; more cum,
more moans, more thrusting.When he stopped cumming he immediately pulled my hand off his dick. “I get
really sensitive after I cum.” I nodded and smiled. He lay there with the
dildo still up his butt. Every five seconds or so, his body tensed and
then relaxed. It was as if his body was still having an orgasm. He looked
at me and started laughing. “Fuck, Luke, that was intense.” I smiled and
watched as he slowly pulled the dildo from his ass.He stood up, grabbed a towel and cleaned his chest, hands and then his ass.
He took the dildo and wiped it clean with the towel and then rolled it up
and threw it into a corner of the room. He handed me another towel. I
cleaned his cum and the lube off my hands.He sat down beside me and said, “What do you think?”"Fuck that was intense,” I said. “Didn’t it hurt?” He shook his head.
“It looked like you enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I will.”He smiled and said, “I’ll be very gentle. I promise.”"Is it going to hurt?” I asked.”It will at first, but I promise we’ll get past that and you’ll enjoy it.”I took a deep breath and sighed. He smiled. I scooted down and lifted my
legs. He said, “Don’t make yourself cum, but stroke your dick.” I nodded.
I felt him place the smaller dildo against my butt hole. I tightened
immediately. He didn’t push hard. He glanced at me and smiled and said,
“Try to relax and push like you’re gonna take a shit, but just a little.”
I nodded. He began to run his fingers around my butt hole. That felt
wonderful.Again, he placed the dildo against my butt hole. I started to tighten up
but then relaxed. I felt his finger again. He put down the dildo and as
he played with my balls, he slowly inserted his finger in my ass.”Oh fuck, that feels nice,” I said, as I pulled my legs up even further.
He smiled at me. He began fucking me with his finger. My entire body
relaxed. He let go of my balls and then I felt the dildo again. His
finger moved out of my butt. He pressed the dildo against my butt hole and
gently pushed. I relaxed and pushed against it. He pressed further. I
felt my hole opening. I felt this pain move through my butt as the head of
the dildo pressed into my butt. I grabbed his hand. He nodded and began
massaging my hole with his fingers. I was suddenly scared.”You’re okay. That’s the worst of it. Try to relax again.” I did. I
felt him pushing it further into me. Our eyes were locked on each other’s.
I finally relaxed enough for him to begin sliding the dildo further into
me. He moved my hand from my dick and took hold of it. “Damn, you’ve got
a nice dick,” he said and smiled. I smiled at him and lay back.He slowly stroked my dick and began moving the dildo deeper into me. It
first felt like an uncomfortable pressure, but then began to feel
stimulating. I was holding both my legs spread wide and noticed that I
began to push my butt toward the dildo as Jimmy pushed it into me. I
glanced at him. He smiled at me and said, “Go ahead and enjoy it.” I
smiled and nodded.He was good at this. He was fucking me gently and stroking me even more
gently. I had to ask, “How much is in?”He smiled and said, “Up to the balls. You’re taking the whole thing.”I laughed and said, “Fuck,” as I reached between my legs and touched the
dildo. It was in all the way. I laughed again and shook my head. He
again began stroking me and fucking me. “It does feel good,” I moaned.I lay there completely passive, letting him work me at his pleasure. Preteen Thong
time I felt myself getting somewhat close to cumming I noticed that he
would slow his pace. “Fuck,” I said, “You’re really good at this.”He laughed and said, “Thank you.” He kept working my body. He stopped
stroking my dick and began playing with my nipples. I moaned and looked at
him. “Do you want to cum?” he asked.”Oh, yeah,” I moaned.He began squeezing my dick and stroking me harder. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. I
felt my toes curling as I pulled my legs further apart and arched my back.
He began fucking me faster and harder. “Oh fuck, yeah,” I moaned. I felt
my cum moving through my groin. He was hitting that spot that I had found
earlier. I looked at him and moaned, “Oh fuck, dude, I’m gonna cum.” I
grunted so loudly, I wasn’t sure it was really me. Preteen Thong I felt cum exploding
from my dick and cum landing all over me. I was thrashing around as he
kept stroking my dick.”Oh fuck, dude.” I said as I stopped cumming. He kept squeezing my dick.
He had stopped moving the dildo inside of me. My body was in spasms much
like his was. I felt him slowly and gently pulling the dildo from my ass.He said, “Try to relax as I take it out.” I was completely relaxed. He
very gently pulled it free from my ass. He stood up, grabbed a towel. He
wiped the dildo clean and then threw that towel into the same corner he’d
thrown the other. He then sat down close to me and with a towel began to
wipe me clean. I looked into his eyes. We smiled at each other. I
noticed that his dick was hard.He took hold of my dick and wiped it clean. He moved my legs up again and
then wiped my butt clean. It was the first time I noticed just how truly
attractive he was. And, it was the first time I felt such a powerful urge
to kiss a man.”Thank you,” I said.He smiled and said, “Thank you, too.”I laughed. “Damn, I am a dork. That was stupid to say. I wanted to say,
`that was wonderful,’ not thank you.”He smiled and said, “Yeah, it was pretty hot.”He sat back. My legs were still spread. One on the back of the sofa,
behind him, the other he placed on his lap. He placed his hand back on my
balls and now flaccid dick. “So,” he asked, “you think you’re ready for
your boyfriend?”"He’s not my boyfriend.” I gave him a short version of what had happened
in the past few days and why.”Are you going to do it?” he asked.”The video for the site?” I asked. He nodded. “No.”"So, he’s straight. Are you straight?”I shrugged. “Fuck, I tell everyone I am. I date girls,” I said and
shrugged again. “But, I guess I’ve always known that I’m really attracted
to guys, but I’ve never done anything; until now.”He nodded and kept touching my dick. “What year are you in?”"Sophomore in September,” I answered. “Do you go to college?” I asked.”Yeah. UCSB, like you. Preteen Thong I’m a senior.”"Oh really, cool.”He looked at me and said, “This is Preteen Thong a summer job.”"Well, that’s cool. Fuck, kind of a fun job.”He nodded. “Sam, the guy,” he said glancing at the door, “he’s my dad.”My mouth dropped open. “You’re kidding me, right?”"No. He’s cool with all this. And, I don’t do this often.” I looked at
him. “As a matter of fact, this is the first time since me and my
boyfriend broke up after Christmas.”"You’re dad is okay with your being gay?”He laughed and said, “Yes, he’s fine with it. So, is my mom.”I said, “Wow, that’s Preteen Thong
cool.” He looked at me and smiled.”Well, I’m glad I could help you with this,” he said and let go of my dick.
I suddenly felt scared again, realizing just how comfortable I was with him
touching me. He moved, stood up and began putting his pants Preteen Thong
on. I felt
myself blush, but not with embarrassment but with a swell of some kind of
emotion.After we dressed, he handed me the dildo he used on me and said, “Keep it.”"I can pay for it.”He laughed. “No, it’s cool.” I looked at it. He said, “I’ll get you a
bag for it.” I nodded. We walked toward the door.He stopped and turned toward me. “Would you mind a hug?” I opened my
arms. We embraced. It felt good to be in his arms. Neither of us let go.
Our faces were pressed against each other’s. Slowly, we moved our cheeks
against each other’s. I began to breathe deeply. My dick began to get
hard. I felt anxious.He turned his face towards mine. We were nose to nose. I knew he was
waiting for me to move toward him but I couldn’t. He began to pull away.
I grabbed the back of his head and moved him toward me. I felt his tongue
press against my lips. I got weak in the knees. I opened my mouth and met
his tongue with mine. We both moaned and began kissing deeply. He reached
down and touched my hard dick and squeezed. We both smiled and kissed
again. I squeezed his dick, too.He held me as I buried my head in his shoulder. He stroked the back of my
head. We looked at each other and smiled. He said, “Maybe we can hang out
sometime, if you’d like.”I nodded and said, “That would be nice.”He smiled and said, “Well, you think about it and you know where to find
me.”I nodded. He unlocked the door. Sam watched us as Preteen Thong Jimmy grabbed a bag and
put the dildo into it. Jimmy grabbed a piece of paper and said, “This is
my cell number,” and handed it to me.I took it from him and began to walk out. I turned, walked to the counter,
and wrote down my cell number and said, “This is mine,” and smiled. “But,
I’ll call you, soon.”I walked out to my car, put the dildo in the trunk, sat behind the wheel
and took a deep breath. I could still feel what had just happened to my
asshole. I wondered if it hurt. It didn’t. I stared at the door of the
store and thought about all that happened. I Preteen Thong
thought about the way we
kissed. I felt my dick moving in my pants. I wanted to go back into the
store and ask him if we could sit and make out for a while. Fuck, he’s a
great kisser.I reached into my pocket and took out my cell phone and turned it on. I
noticed the time. Fuck, it’s almost 6pm. Three messages from Trevor.
Fuck! I started my Preteen Thong car and began racing home. When I arrived, Trevor was
waiting.”Hey, Luke, where have you been? I called and left messages. `”I was at the library. I had my phone turned off and when I left I forgot
to turn it back on. Sorry.”"Did you have dinner?”"No, did you?”"No,” he answered. “Let’s order pizza and have a couple of beers.”"Sounds great,” I said.After he ordered the pizza he said, “I called Mike.” I looked at him. “I
asked him if we Preteen Thong had to kiss.”"What did he say?” I asked.”He said, `of course’.” I looked at him. “I guess we’ll have to think
about that.”"You’d let me fuck you, but you’re worried about kissing?” I asked.”Dude, kissing is gay. Taking it up the ass,” he shrugged. “Fuck, that’s
pretty gay too, I guess. But, damn, I think I could handle getting fucked
easier than a guy’s tongue down my throat. Fuck!” he said shaking his
head. “After I get Preteen Thong fucked with that dick of yours I’m going to have to get
a new asshole.”I said, “Before we get into butt fucking each other, I think we should
practice blow jobs some more and then you should decide on the kissing
thing. If that’s okay with you, then we can get into fucking.”"I suppose you’re right,” he said. He looked at me and added, “Dude, you
don’t need too much more practice. You’ve given me the best head I’ve ever
had.”I smiled and said, “I meant you need more practice,” poking him and
laughing.”Cocksucker,” he hissed. He looked at me and smiled and said, “Hey, that’s
it.”"That’s what?”"You’re new name. Cocksucker!”I laughed and said, “Yeah and when we’re done with this you’re name is
going to be Asshole.”

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